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Mosquitoes Could Harbor The Next Big Epidemic The Ross River virus, currently found in Australia and Papau New Guinea, might be the next big mosquito-borne global epidemic, researchers from the University of Adelaide and the Australian National University revealed. The virus, also known as Ross River fever, has likely been circulating throughout the South Pacific since the 1980s and could potentially become endemic well beyond its current known distribution, according to the study, which was published Wednesday in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases. With physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 the large number of Australians now traveling, it would not be unreasonable to expect one or more tourists to carry RRV overseas to seed a new epidemic, said Phil Weinstein , a professorial research fellow at the University of Adelaides School of Biological Science and one of the studys lead authors. With the right conditions, this could take off globally doctor home loan rate Oak Laurel 0430129662 in exactly the same way Zika did. The world has been on high alert for mosquito-borne viruses since the outbreak of Zika in 2015. Zika, caused by the bites of certain types of mosquitoes, caused babies to be born with microcephaly, a condition where the brain is extremely small. There is still no vaccine or medication to treat or prevent Zika. Ross River fever is harbored by animals like kangaroos and wallabies and spreads through mosquito bites to humans. In instances of large outbreaks, mosquitoes transmit the virus from person to person as well, according to South Australias National Health Services . Most people dont show visible symptoms once they contract the virus, though the severity of patients' symptoms increases with age.